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Jamie T., Living Donor comments on being a donor:

 "The hardest part of sharing my small part in the story of organ donation has been to say I gave to a stranger. The humility I feel and the lingering feeling that I only wish I could do more does not match the incredulity and awe of reactions. It has taken me a long time to open up and share my story despite this phenomenon. If only, if only, there was more I could give! If only, if only, I could convince more people that they can help this tremendous need. As I prepare to celebrate the 11th anniversary of my donation (11/17/2004), I pray for all who wait, who consider, who worry, and who persevere. I will share my story in hopes it becomes the only gift I can continue to give...may it truly inspire at least one more..."


Jenny successfully received her life-saving gift of a kidney transplant in 2016.  She has resumed a full, happy, and amazing life.  Jenny is and will always be grateful to her donor and her donor family for the choice to be a donor at the time of her/his passing.     

This website will be updated to help others in need of a transplant.  Jenny is always willing to share her story.  She is proud to be an Ambassador for One Legacy and Donate Life to encourage others to become registered organ, eye, and tissue donors.

     Statistics about the United Network of Organ Sharing can be found here:   UNOS .

There are currently about 460,000 Americans on dialysis.